We were in charge of redesigning the exhibition for Modipu's new line of business: the most up-to-date and innovative Italian brands such as Arclinea Arredamenti, Falper, Ceramica Sant'Agostino, Lithos Design or LISTONE GIORDANO. 

When we started the project, space was Tremendously rationalist with a disparate exposure. In the center, a technical office area with exhibitors that we had to keep. The glazed architecture of the showroom gave the space a great natural light, however, we needed to provide artificial light with projectors for the new products. 

In Imaisdé we began to turn to a conceptual and expositive idea: we strongly believed that the showroom should be the showroom of Modipu and therefore, we had to flee from the classic commercial spaces in corner format. We had to create an iconic space that was a canvas where the product was the only protagonist. 

With this premise, we take advantage of the technical limitation of the central space and decide to invent a circular route around such that the exhibition will experience an infinite and unique experience. 

To cancel the rationalistic sense of space, we created a spiral structure of 101 linear meters that served us well, to illuminate punctually on its lower face and diffusely on its upper face. The spiral is the characteristic and sculptural element that gives soul to the space without taking away protagonism to the product. 

Function, form and soul are combined in this project to generate a unique exhibition space in Santiago de Compostela.
Modipu Showroom