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I recently launched the new Editions of 100 identity and website. Take a look and let me know if you spot any bugs. 
Editions of 100 is a place you can find original limited edition prints by a community of designers from all over the world. Check it out: www.editionsof100.com
It was back in 2011 when I first thought about opening an online print store. As a graphic designer, I was interested in creating a place to design outside the confines of the normal client / designer relationship. A design store gave this idea a purpose. I wasn't really sure if people would buy the prints but I was aware that other designers were keen to get involved and explore a brief-less design existence, if only temporarily.

Since then we've sold hundreds of prints and Editions of 100 has grown into an international community of artists, designers and illustrators. The brief has always remained the same, there isn't one, just to create something unique, beautiful and original.

Each work created is produced as a limited edition using a variety of production techniques depending on the artwork. Once the last print in the series is sold, it's never printed again.

Daniel Freytag
Founder Editions of 100