BRUTAL | Exhibition Phaidon Gallery
BRUTAL: Views from Brazil's Concrete Utopia | Phaidon Gallery
This project revolves around a fictitious exhibition that could take place at Phaidon Gallery (Phaidon Press' gallery space). The concept for this exhibition is to showcase the works and lives of some of the most brilliant architects during the Brazilian Modernist movement. BRUTAL focuses on Brutalist constructions and on the social tensions that have always been an inherent part of the Brazilian experience. 

The design of modular custom typography speaks to the constructions themselves, while the boldness of the colors serves to establish a second layer of visual tension. This language travels across media, from print, to web, and ultimately merges back into space through an interactive installation, completing a full cycle. 

Processing.js and a kinect sensor were used to transform the exaggerated typographic forms of the installation into a platform where one would be able to appreciate the works of architects such as Lina Bo Bardi, Oscar Niemeyer, and Joao Villanova Artigas. A reactive response is prompted as the user walks towards or away from the installation, and constructions reveal themselves or hide in-between the exaggerated typographic forms.

Special thanks to: Brad Bartlett, Ivan Cruz, Miles Mazzie