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    Ideation, UX, UI, Prototyping, iOS Development
Beth and I went diving in the Bahamas at the end of June and for the life of me, I could not find my dive log. I thought this is silly that I've got this old notebook floating around somewhere in the house with all of my memories from dive trips from the past stuck in it. I have my phone with me everywhere, so why not create an app we'd like to use to save information on the great dive spots we've visited! Nearly ready for prime-time, this little log book application is being born.

There are quite a few dive applications in the AppStore, but they are pretty dive-tech dorky. Nothing fun and engaging from a design standpoint. All we want to remember about a dive site is what cool things we saw! Seems to be a differentiator. No crazy dive tables that we'll never review again. Just the simple facts and fun things to remember and share.
iCuss - Adult stupidity at its greatest!
A couple of years ago, a few friends and I decided we would create the "first NC-17 iPhone app without nudity!" Behold iCuss! A swear word generator that never made it quite as big as we thought it would. Joe, Tim, Trina and I thought we'd be on the beach with this little noise maker... not so much. But the app still makes me chuckle when I run it.