Our daily lives involve an unhealthy amount of sitting – children do it in schools, adults do it at work and everyone does it at home. Studies have shown that a person usually spends more than 10 hours a day sitting, which gradually leads to health risks.

Say hello to WEE!

WEE! is an alternative work desk concept that merges a traditional work desk and a swing into a single piece of furniture. The idea behind the integrated swing seat is that the user can stay relatively active while working and does so in a fun way. What’s more, you get two pieces of furniture, a desk and a seat, as one.
Sitting itself is not dangerous - but the amount of time we spend in a single pose does. Which is why the recently popular stand-up desks are not the best solution either, as spending all day standing can put a lot of physical strain on the body, while reducing focus and productivity. So the keyword my project was based on was “mobility”.
The inspiration for the swing seat came from playgrounds – places that are designed to provide children with fun ways to stay active. It also made me realize how growing up into adulthood often makes us abandon our active and childish side the more we age, to the point when even sitting on a swing might be considered immature behavior for an adult. So, I took a swing – such a simple and fun attraction  – and created an active workspace with an unusual combination of furniture.
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