SATI-Handmade Soap

Client: Sati
Location: Chengdu,Sichuan
Category: Branding
Design: Jay.Tian  Vistar  F.Moo
Illustration: Jay.Tian    
Year: 2014

MOJO DESIGN受邀为SATI进行了全面的品牌形象塑造服务,为突出品牌手工与天然的核心理念,设计团队将手绘风格插图贯穿于整个品牌形象,赋予SATI独特的视觉形象。手绘中以不同的原料为基础,将其合理的拼接为一个全新的图形,以突出其"自然之美"的品牌理念,同时也将其原料多样化表现得淋漓尽致,细腻的点绘形式,设计的工匠之心与SATI纯手工打造理念全面契合。
Originating from the ancient Pali language, SATI conveys the strength of life that is felt with a natural attitude. The SATI brand is specialized in production of natural handmade soap, following a core philosophy of letting customers feel the healing beauty of the nature and enjoy the fun and fineness of face cleaning. The brand stresses the selection of purely natural raw materials and purely hand making. Targeting different market demands, different natural raw materials are matched to produce ten products for different types of skin and meet the demands of different customer groups.

MOJO DESIGN was invited to create a comprehensive brand image for SATI. To highlight the brand’s core philosophy of hand making and naturalness, the design team adopts hand-painted illustrations throughout its entire brand image to endow SATI with a unique visual image. Based on different raw materials, the hand-paintings are spliced naturally and properly into a new pattern to highlight its brand philosophy of “Natural Beauty”. Meanwhile, it also manifests the diversity of raw materials incisively and vividly, fully harmonizing the delicate form of stippling, the craftsmanship of design and its philosophy of purely hand making.