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New Product: Bot for online trading.
Designed, Logo, look and feel, style guide, all visuals including platform, campaigns, website. The lot.
Icon for new product and Logo
New Product: Bot for online gaming
Researched and designed new Logo, animation, Website, Newsletter, Mailers, Landing Pages.  Art direction and execution and supporting competition landscape analysis etc.
New Brand: Researched market landscape.
Designed new Logo, Tag-line, Colour style, Look and feel. 
Website, Mobile app. Streamlined platform, CMS, CRM. Landing Pages, Mailers, Social Media, Newsletters, Digital campaigns, banners, pop unders/overs. Marketing strategist.
Designed company corporate ID.  Colour scheme, Look and Feel.  UX, UI
Brand, Website, animation, Business card etc., 
New Product: Online gaming
Researched and Designed, New Logo, Branding, Style guide, Colour Scheme, Material Design mobile app. Digital campaigns, Website, Mailers, Landing Pages, All visuals.
New Brand: Online Binary
Designed Concept, Logo, Colour Scheme, Style Guide, UX, UI, Website, mobile app. Back-office Platform. Mailers, Newsletters, Landing Pages. All visuals. 
New Product/Service: Marketing
Researched, Designed New Logo, Look and Feel, Colour and Style Guide, Wesite, Mobile app.
Designed Business Cards
New Product: Customer Support Division
Designed Logo, Website, Style Guide, Look and Feel. Corporate Branding, Navigation, UX, UI, Complete Research and Design cycle