Can a Finish be the Start of Something New?
J+J 2017 NeoCon Booklet

Every year J+J Flooring Group takes its product designers on a trip to a different location to find inspiration for new products. For the 2017 product launch, the team traveled to Pewabic pottery studio in Detroit. There the team saw how pottery is shaped, thrown and fired, the same as it has been for over a century. They discovered that it is the glazing finish that defined the pottery — and in turn, what defined their product inspiration for 2017. 

Widgets & Stone led the creative effort to craft the promotional book for Neocon that would reveal the catalyst for the new flooring products: through design, writing and photography. Design Director Mandy Lamb and Designer Liz Tapp created a print booklet that utilized the textures, flows and imperfections of glazing.

Creative Direction: Mandy Lamb; Design: Mandy Lamb, Liz Tapp; Writing: Keely Hungate, Adam Haskew; Photography: Abraham Photography; Photo Styling: Mandy Lamb, J+J Flooring.