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    Fabulous sketch jam around one futuristic hot rod. Discover an innovative and crazy rendering concept. images © Olivier Gamiette
Let me reveal what you hardly ever see, the few seconds that precede the drawing of a concept on a sheet of paper: almost an X-ray radiography of my mind at the very moment the idea pops out.

A whole broad spectrum of renderings is immediately visible, each one might become the one to transcend it all, the one to give way to an unforgettable mental quake...I will eventually need to choose one!
Here below I decided not to choose and to share with you a full range of techniques to portray one idea in 12 different ways.

Trying out new rendering techniques is thus one of my design tricks I use on a daily basis to open myself up to new shapes and colors and to let ideas flow seamless. As you will see, the chosen rendering technique not only has an influence on the final rendering, but it might also influence the idea itself!

From the rather standard to the most classy and to the downright old-school tape drawing, there is no limit to imagination.

There's no doubt that the use of technology has been a great revolution in design conception and rendering, but I still believe that the good old pencil sketch can be just as powerful.

see the making of this sketch jam here

Here the making of this sketch jam