Brand identity for an advertising campaign management platform that helps the publishers to monetize their inventory better on the one hand, and provides highly personalized digital ads content for the users on the other. 

Idea and Strategy

Emodo is an advertising campaign management platform that provides an ad tech service that efficiently monetize publishers' digital content delivery. It collects and analyzes personal data, and performs most proper and relevant online ads content for a specific user. The idea of the identity comes from this process of going from extended to much more personal and specified, and it is visualized into a smart and dynamic typographic solution. 

Since the object of the business is pretty abstract, I decided to avoid any diffused symbols and uneven icons. Instead, I wanted to keep with a very flexible solution that would be intelligent, sharp and fun at the same time. So a wordmark was designed; shaped in a series of typographic forms. It appears in a number of styles, and it is dynamic both digitally and printed. The word's shape is confident and trustful, but still modern, sophisticated and bold enough to have its own voice.

Basic palette is black and white, and it works perfectly, since the identity is pretty strong to express itself without any color. Unexpected cold green serves as an emphasis and brings more life and fun into promo materials and merch. 

Considering the specific character of the business, especially huge need in healthy and strong relations with Emodo's partners, I wanted to highlight company's ambitious personality, youth and freshness. It should be the identity where technological and marketing backgrounds intersect creating something new and powerful. And at the same time it was important to build the identity for the team, for the people who bring all this into life.

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