Conducted Customer Research, Product Research, constructed competition landscape, benchmarking rival products and features, after deep analysis and data evaluation.

Created: Wire Frame, Information Architecture and User Navigation.
Designed Logo, Brand stragedy, Corporate ID.  Colour guides, Look and feel.
Created UI and UX according to close marketing scrutiny and analysis.
Designed Logo and digital Corporate ID
Conceptualized, designed mobile platform
Designed website, including Customer on boarding, Newsletters, Mailers, Banners, campaigns, Landing pages...all company's visuals.
Collaborated with Pms, Devs, Customer Support, Account managers, Senior management for data/marketing updates, direction and evaluations. 
Created:  Look and Feel, Colour guide, Material Design patterns and Style Guides. 
Utilizing optimium UX/UI trends and Marketing behavioral updates.
Easy, eye engaging.
Instant Understanding of a complex account tiers platform.
Utilizing accordion feature, the crucial Frquently Asked Questions is simple and easy to use for the customer.
Branding Stragedy.  Logo Design. Digital ID