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From the conceptor and author of Humility Through Frugality™ introduces - Nutritional Humility. A visualised, intellectual identity to encompass the theory, essence and wisdom of "Nutritive Individualisation". An educational ethos and awareness for recognising two equal parts of assessing a food or a resource its subjective qualitative parts for human concern and sustenance - each through its' frame of Contexts; and its variably metabolic and physiological receiving end - of Interpretations

Philosophy meets Pragmatism. Welcome to Nutritional Humility™. 

Context (1/3)
The State of our "normal" living; the Pedestrian Normalcy.

Nutritional Humility™ is an educational ethos imploring self-awareness principles; to embrace awareness of persistent subjectivities behind every concrete or finalised objectivities or political idealisms (or denialisms) as widely portrayed, insisted and perpetuated today; amongst our Pedestrian Normalcy. 

Our current paradigm for maintaining our scientific / biological materialist and objectivist presences or existences today; remains unchanged by means of serving political subscription/s of constricted idealism and sensationalism. "Low Fat Is The Best Way To Eat",  "Eat This Not That", just to name a few of such widespread idealism and universal realm of advices. We somehow remain subserviently paternalised; to use all sorts of pejoratives - to label any specific idea or thought as simply either "Good". Or "Bad". 

Hence, we have been living throughout our lives as nothing more than subserviently following upon a "template" which supposedly promises us the "true-est" and empirically "correct" way to sustain every human being. A template;  irrespective of our genetic diversities and individualities - nevertheless promises us its complete immunity against all realm of rebuttals, contrasts and disagreements. We have as a result of all this - created ourselves the Pedestrian Normalcy. A time and space filled with pejoratives, instant gratifications and fixed finality acceptances of what Science really means. A constant fighting for correctness by facts. Against more - contrasting facts. 

....Yet where or how do we define ourselves as a true, self-authentic individual? Our current educational, socio-economic, judicial and social institutions of today rarely if ever; change their stance of principles in respecting the genetic uniqueness; the unexplained variability of one (1) individual should he / she differs from the statistical significance of what "average" really means. All institutions and guidelines therefore; believes that "Science" - should be concluded by averaged sampled means of data.

Individual Interpretations and Contexts variability on the other hand; are forever banished in their validity. Institutions never willingly periodise their beliefs unless leveraged politically via through (once again averaged) epidemiological consensus. 

This project / this initiative proposes a more lateral academic awareness. We need to build, within us; ourselves - a progressive mentality that governs and respects each and every human being as a subjective variable of sensitivities. As opposed to an objective economically condensed - icon, number or figure of so-called instruments of "capital", or worse - averaged means of sampled "scientific" data.

We do this by investing our greater self understanding through how we consume, metabolise and interpret - resources, influences and information. 

A full featured book and manuscript Humility Through Frugality™; explores many of above concerns exactly just that.  Nutritional Humility™ however; is the core principal, visualised-philosophical identity that lies and implored for; within this manuscript - to serve awareness on the "why" and "how"; should one perceive and address many competing ideologies as concluded universal methods of self-awareness strategy of living, sustaining and perceiving any or all interpretive informations, ideologies and influences. 
Context (2/3)
"Science" as unchanged or unrevised - empirical & finalised objectivities.

Our current outlook on "Science" is hardly cooperative. It remains violently competitive through means of accruing leverages and self-interests by epidemiological studies and financial (leveraged) motivations. Sadly, this is such our state of acknowledging what "Science" means today. Concrete, finalised objectivities of any given thesis, dogma, belief, or hypothesis. 

According to "Nature" - there are no political or ethical idealism in nutrient composition. For that "Nature" regards no such thing as a right and likewise no such thing as a wrong. It is only thanks to our current Pedestrian Normalcy - the Sensationalism, the media, "primary" or "safe" or "healthy" institutionalised dietary guidelines and the pharmaceuticals at its backbone - all ultimately fails to reconcile the real, lateral definition of  what "Science" really is. 

"Science" is never final. Yet our political subservient interpretation of it; remains sadly misguided and at times, truly unrepresentative to the widely more chaotic and unexpected natures of human biology and all its intricately dependent - systems. 
Context (3/3)
Application as political counters / case example

We can apply the above understanding; as a communicative / lingual strategy for responding against any strong reactions, or sentiments perpetuated today; mostly presented in today's normalcies as quick pejoratives or dismissal as dietary contempts and political denialisms. 

"Aspirin is bad for you." , "Saturated Fats is bad for you.", "Ketogenic interventions are definitely for everybody longterm." are few of such case argument examples. It can be from as simple as "Sugar is bad for you." to as very specific objective, finalised isolated argument such as "Nitric Oxide is bad for you.", or "L-Carnitine supplementation causes cancer."  So on and so forth.

We do this by first highlighting and scrutinising the (reactionists, the skeptic) arguments by first examining their claim/s - the "What" and then followed by "Who" behind each compositional argument we then wish to counter present. First we ask this question Under WHAT CONTEXT is <such and such> persists as "true" or "correct" to such objective conclusion? And then followed by next asking - Under WHOSE individual metabolic, genetic, environmental, or sociologically up brought - INTERPRETATIONS that these adverse effects; are so up brought to attention almost as if it is a charicature or reputation? 

The above diagram illustrates one example in a widely believed case that Aspirin is highly damaging to the gut ecosystems and highly adverse to hormonal health / namely of eroding one's internal Insulin sensitivity in response to exogenous nutrients. Obviously this is to showcase just one of numerous examples of nutritive debates. Readers / viewers whom have witnessed this project are encouraged to seek any other closed objectivisms as further case studies at their own ends and circumstances. 

From having learned the above example; we shall inevitably accept; that "Science" should remain prone to revisions. And thus importantly - Nutritional Humility™ as an educational principle - advocates self Nutritive Individualisation; comprising both of Contextual awareness + Interpretive variabilities.
The Icon (1/2)
Overall Encapsulation - The Apple

All food or "resources"; for as long as it exists holistically in its complete state of Nature - serves both to sustain and to inflame. It is both nourishment and punishment. Both as pleasure (provocation / hedonic / anabolic) and condemnation (inflammatory / limiting).

The apple represents both saviour and temptation. In a theological sense, it is a nutritive object inspired to that of sin; if should one eats or consume - shall be forever inescapable from contempt by the heavens. For it bears a mark of enticement of the Devil. The undoubted sweetness characteristic rationalises this alluring trait. It is however; also a commonly shared, visual encapsulation connotative to essential vitality, spirit and rejuvenation. The flesh right down to the meat of such a fruit; bears many objective and nutritive qualities as such they are open for hedonic as well as opportunist - metabolic reception and interpretation.
The Icon (2/2)
The Book

“Education primarily consists of what we have unlearned.” - Mark Twain

From one thing solved, another variability begins anew. A book, a thesis or a research paper; they all share a commonality. That is - a hypothetical construct of observational thought/s and judgment/s; concretely transferred onto a blank medium or a canvas by means of linguistics. However, a hypothesis remains at best as simply just that - a hypothetical understanding through observational experiences.

Nutritional Humility™ was created and conceptualised no differently to that as a "hypothesis" but rather - simply a hypothesis that reminds itself; both to its author, inventor, or creator as well as that of the audience it speaks to - over realising there are no facts. Only interpretations. This is as best and as close approximation to how Nature suggests and operates; for it represents no biases or coercive expectations in what ideal or correctness truly constitutes. Sadly, our current institutions egoistically tinkers and grossly undermines simplicity behind every subjective complexity of mother Nature herself; through Cause and Effects.

Should an individual wishes to partake veganism for life, that remains his or her political or ethical - interpretation until natural forces exhibits the inner bodies' intuitive mechanisms for possible perpetual deficiencies; from having persisted such way of eating. Be it certain protein or amino acid deficiencies or other micronutrient insufficiencies. These possible effects; may only be witnessed and observed through time. Likewise with any other nutritional paradigm/s or ‘dogmas’. Ketogenic paradigm may indeed be nutritively viable and applicable during times of scarcity or famines; until it is subject to deter on the basis of individual’s fluctuating contexts of living, sustaining and/or fitness/energy expenditure events/ training meritocracies - over time these may not suffice to every needs and (once again) - Context/s back to the individualised, human concerns.

Hence the flicking animation of the book/paper at the beginning represents the above notion that we are all inquisitive and progressively intuitive by character and intuition - through time. We have to learn from one event to the next. What seemed correct only remains correct as politically framed. We must remain progressive in our thinking and never to evolve based on unchanged principles.

That, in the best definition however challenging it is - "Science" at its best; an open book of variable interpretations. 

The Stationery
The Business Cards

Nutritional Humility™ advocates both Philosophy and Pragmatism; for conveying the many great sociological and nutritive concerns + turbulences of our time. Each and every card carries a reflectional, philosophical thought followed by a brief biography on each author's background.

Nutritional Humility™ bears no organisational structure to that of a corporation, or business entity. Hence no names of directors etc exist to prove as the "public" face of the organisation position of authority. But rather it is to be recognised as a viral communicative device to emphasise nutritive and sociological awareness viral campaign to share such concerns of our many turbulent problems; from Overconsumption to Overpopulation, from Structural Violence to Metabolic Syndromes - to be heard and shared towards the hands of the public. 

The variable back printing (for the Quotes + brief biography) here as visual renders remains to be conceptually hypothesised; if however it were to be printed in real life in courtesy of Moo® Pty Ltd (London UK).

The Styling

'Rajdhani' as display headers and 'Asap' as body copy both completes and reassures all communicative collateral to provide two qualitative messaging - humanist yet stern in all its intent.

The typographic palette of Nutritional Humility™ carries over from the parent branding of This Is™ Humility. This is to ensure consistency in all communicative devices. Less on quaint impression, more on stern yet slightly casual whilst remaining elegant and orderly.  

Colour selection is to remain slightly under saturated to imply less of exaggerated characterisation. Nutritional Humility™ favours principles rather than iconographic exaggeration, or deliberate compensation through use of colour in its messaging of imploring nutritional and honouring physiological diversities. Hence the primary makeup remains more or less same to that of the Parent branding of This Is™ Humility. Less is better, but slightly underhued / unsaturated to ensure no biasful interpretive effects may be imposed upon whoever witness it in public space.
The End
Thank You

This project and branding initiative; whilst remaining conceptual work of fiction; nevertheless carries certain degrees of truth upon addressing many great concerns of our turbulent, pedestrian living. That is, our persisting subservience and benevolence to live under the highly simplified, egoistic, universal guidance of Institutionalisations. From dietary advices to economic paradigm/s. Undermining each and everyone of their own inner complexity; preventing them to manifest their own Self-Authentic - potentials.

This project and concept branding initiative (This Is™ Humility) remains entirely just that - conceptual in origin and nature by its author, inventor and designer (Andrew Wiguna / AW™ / All this is to encourage and spark personal, local, national and international debates - upon witnessing, addressing and examining the turbulences of our present subscriptions to this current indoctrinated System of living - from our misappraisal of what "Economics" mean, to our complete inability of resource distribution for human need/s. Most importantly - to reconcile the potential of what we can evolve based from our own Self-Authenticity by understanding progressive biology; never by political ideologies. 

This project nevertheless carries some sensitive disclaimer; such that whilst the author, inventor and designer has had no extensive prior knowledge intimately within the fields of Functional Medicine, Metabolic Physiology, Biochemistry or further extended fields of Nutrition - all readers and audience are to take every diligent responsible care for assessing and researching at their own further ends to determine what or which dietary or nutritive plan/s shall deemed as best to their individual circumstances, genetics or interpretively unique - physiology. Everybody, including this author - may yet face every inevitable chances for self-nutritional revision/s as time unfolds.

I remain grateful if anyone shall witness my manuscript in their full entirety. 



All stationery render/s and Logo animation entirely done within Apple® Motion 5.3. No cheating. No plugins. All manual grit. 
Nutritional Humility Visual Identity

Nutritional Humility Visual Identity

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