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    Playwood is collectible wooden building blocks for both children and adults.

RISD ID Independent Study Project Spring 2017 - Wooden Product Design and Production
Categories: product design, toy design, packaging design

After initial research of existing wooden toys, decision was made to target both children and adults. Yet, since the product included young children in the target age group, additional research on the age group, CPSIA, ASTM, Tracking Label Requirement, and general wooden product safety needed to be done.

The research provided a guideline to design for. Size of each block, connecting system, and different combination of blocks were considered.

Types of wood and glue were chosen based on safety. Simple and repeating manufacturing processes keep the production cost low while still providing interesting blocks to play with.

The basic theme is Parkstreet, which contains pieces necessary to build plants, cars, people, animals, and other things found in parks and streets. The pack is expendable with color packs or other themed expansion packs.

As per Tracking Label Requirements, a head block and the packaging contain necessary information.