Workspace is the official studio working with New York Time's best selling author, Christian Lander, to make limited edition screen printed posters of each blog post. Each month we attempt (sometimes things get in the way, like graduating university) to print 30 new posters--each with an edition of 100. 

Since our first thirty we have learned a lot. We have reversed our process and print on Pop Tone French Paper. The result is far superior in quality, contrast, and with no registration errors. We hope you enjoy!

farmer's markets // tea // writer's workshops
microbreweries // wine // vegan/vegtarianism
netflix // apple products // plays
apologies // toyota prius // bicycles
standing still at concerts // threatening to  move to canada // bad memories of high school
dinner parties // free healthcare // new balance shoes
scarves // facebook // self-aware hip hop references
appearing to enjoy classical music // frisbee sports // promising to learn a new language
political prisoners // moleskine notebooks // camping
rayban wayfarers // conan o'brien // picking their own fruit
Stuff White People Like // Round 2 // For Sale