Winter Solstice - Projection mapping project

Making use of nine projectors with 270 degrees of panoramic like surrounding screens, I display this projection mapping project at RIT MAGIC center. The concept of this motion graphics is "Winter Solstice". The dimensions are 4096 × 270.

Art Direction/Visual Design/Production/Animation: Guan-Huei Wu
Music: Purple Planet Music

Winter Solstice is a school project about a multiscreen projection design from Rochester Institute of Technology(RIT). The task was that we have a chance to create and perform a projection experience across the nine projector system in the Simone Student Innovation Hall at the MAGIC Center that utilizes original footage and a free soundtrack based on the theme of ‘Winter Solstice’.

There are a total of nine 1920 x 1080 projectors for a combined output of 17280 x 1080 pixels. The projector’s output is split evenly across three separate walls with gaps between them.

Inviting the audience to immerse themselves in the images for the winter solstice.


When people think about winter solstice, the first thought that may come to mind is that it's the first day of winter. This is too common of a thought and I seek to use projection as my canvas, tool, and opportunity in order to challenge the norm and welcome new ideas to the imagination.

The period of daylight constantly changes day by day. From an astronomical phenomenon perspective, winter solstice is the day with the shortest daylight time and the longest night of the year. Period of daylight change with the distance between Earth and Sun. My aim is to use a time tunnel to simulate different moments passing in the shortest time year by year. We will go through winter solstice again and again every year. Also, the shape of moon often is used as a way to count days. What people see from moon is reflection from the sun lighting. Thus,  I include the use of visual design to represent the relationship between the moon's reflection and sun's light source. In the end, the moon goes black (no longer there) to fully represent the infinite loop that we call nature. We will go through winter solstice and explore the possibility from everything every year. We will go through winter solstice and explore the various possibilities of the year, through the window of the winter solstice.

The entire MAGIC Center projection area is about 17280 x 1080 pixels. Although I can set up a maximum composition width of 16384 pixels in Resolume and scale it up to fit, loading and running clips of that size will likely be beyond the capabilities of the PC running Resolume. To compromise, I can create a composition and clips of 1⁄2 or 1⁄4 our output settings and scale it up: 1⁄4 resolution: 4320 x 270 pixels (scales up x4) 1⁄2 resolution: 8640 x 540 pixels (scales up x2). Another way of achieving the desired outcomes is by triggering single clips. The 1⁄4 resolution option will probably be the best one to balance quality and performance. The important thing is to stay within the proper aspect ratio so that footage doesn’t look distorted or stretched when scaled up to the full projection size (via Resolume’s Advanced Output settings).

The process for making this works was quite involved as it combined motion graphics, graphic design and projection mapping. The most special and different point from other past projects is 270 degrees of surrounding screens. The resolution is not a typical 1920x1080 pixels (like16:9 aspect ratio or 4:3 aspect ratio). The way to make the focus point on the screens will get more complicated. The work what I see from the computer monitor is good but it does not always look as crisp when the image is outputting through the projector.

Eventually, learned and understood how to execute the motion design for this projection mapping project. In the each shot, I utilize eye catching motion graphics and visual design to ensure that I capture the attention of the audience with the primary screen even though they may have been focused on the secondary matter screens. In the meantime, the audience also feels fully immersed in the essence of the Winter Solstice.
Visual content details from 17280 pixels wide screening
3D software screenshot
Installation testing
The motion graphics footage I made for projection mapping.
The video was shooting in the MAGIC Center at Rochester Institute of Technology(RIT).
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Making use of 9 projectors to display this projection mapping project at RIT MAGIC center. The concept of this motion graphics is winter solstice Read More

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