How to Destroy Your Online Attorney Competitors: 6 Easy Steps

The world today depends entirely on the internet. People are so glued to their devices, having them look away long enough for a proper conversation is challenging. Because we depend so much on technology, it is no news that a lot of law firms are taking advantage of the benefits of a properly managed online presence.
Creating a website is not enough, and going into the nitty-gritty of online marketing can be quite overwhelming. There are, however, simple things you can do to increase your web presence and overtake your competitors online.
1. Have a Mobile Friendly Website
When researching which attorney to hire, most people now use their mobile phone or device. In fact, in 2015, Google reported that mobile had surpassed desktop search, and that gap has continued to widen.
If your website is one of the 66% that doesn’t display properly on mobile, you are missing out on more than half of your potential new clients, in addition to any negative impact it may have on your mobile search and local map rankings.
2. Write Compelling Headings & Subheadings
Page tracking software proves that many people do not actually read the entirety of what is written on a website, they merely scan for vital information. Utilizing an effective page structure consisting of headings and subheadings, you can ensure they get the right message.
A properly formatted page should have a heading (H1) that accurately and succinctly tells what the page is about, for example, St. Petersburg Divorce Attorney. Your subheadings should then read like a story so they get the idea even without reading the body. You may have subheadings such as ‘Staying Together for the Kids: The Right Choice?”, “Think Your Spouse is Planning to Ask For Divorce? Here’s What To Do”, and “Divorce Attorneys That Care”. These show that you are knowledgeable, with their best interests at heart, which is really all they need to know.
3. You Always Need More Positive Reviews & Testimonials
Review systems online are important because people want to know the opinions of others. Saying that you will do a good job is not enough, people outside your organization have to say it too.
The legal guidelines for getting law firm reviews and testimonials from clients differ from state to state, but generally speaking, it is perfectly fine for you to request reviews. It is important to remember, however, that every review should meet specific criteria, such as being honest & accurate, representative of a typical client experience, no compensation or additional benefit to the reviewer can be derived from the review process, and you can’t write it for them.
4. Use Real, Professional Photos
Everyone who has seen stock photography can tell that the gray-haired gentleman smiling while answering the phone doesn’t actually work for your firm. Although these photographs may be noticeable, they are not helping anyone when the same well-kept gentleman appears on 10 different attorney websites.
The better strategy is to get professional attorney photographs or the so-called “hero shots”, to be showcased throughout your website and marketing.A hero shot is just as it sounds- you, in a power pose, ready to save the day.
5. Hire an Attorney Online Marketing Firm
There may be things you can do yourself, such as getting reviews, but there are other things that you can’t or shouldn’t be spending time on.
People seek your expertise because they know the value of having a knowledgeable expert on their side. The same is true for law firm marketing agencies. Keeping up your online presence and consistently delivering new business requires numerous demanding and time-consuming tasks that must be done regularly. Professionals help us do things we can’t or don’t want to do ourselves, and are much better at it than we would be anyway, so employ their assistance when it is to your benefit.
6. Be Responsive
Responsiveness seems to be a varying idea from firm to firm. There are some who call a possible lead within minutes, while others choose to wait until a task is completed, or sometimes even until the next day. The question remains, just how responsive do you really need to be?
The Kellogg School of Management at Northwest University research shows that the chances of reaching a lead if you contact them back within 5 minutes of missing their call are 100x greater than at the 30-minute mark. Hence it is ideal that you respond within 5 minutes if you want to get a positive response. The average lead response time, however, as measured by the Harvard Business Review, is 42 hours. By responding immediately to all lead contacts, you will be faster than your competition and have a better chance of reaching them the first time.
Key Takeaways
Make sure you cover the basics, and by doing so, you will already be better than 95% of your competitors. Employ the help of professionals to jumpstart your growth, be responsive, and focus on what you do best- being an outstanding attorney.



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