This is a brief project about creativity and contradiction that focuses problems and solutions around incompatibility, reality and imagination.

A project of exploration through meaning and meaninglessness that invites us to enjoy the opportunities that continually arise from everyday oppositions.

An creative exercise project for people looking for new answers, because if we talk about solutions, the world offers a lot of Patacreativity.

Today we live in the midst of the saturation of a hectic world. A culture overflowing with stimuli that is expressed in the hyper-manifestation of ideas, images and thousands of concepts that live in the brief and ephemeral.

In the midst of this coexistence, the flow of daily ideas collide and contradict, and the daily oppositions typical of these times of hyper-information seem to be charged with a normal repetition and apparent meaninglessness.

Human civilization is made up of ideas that were born from our imagination and all of them arose from contradictions. Through actions and reactions we form new meanings and thus form new ways of thinking. New concepts that are born out of oppositions and that prove that new creativity is always possible.

However, there are always different ways of dealing with these situations. Solving problems with a creative vision, instead of a destructive one, particularly changes the way of obtaining benefits. Enjoying a contradiction will always depend on our outlook and it is up to us to want to take advantage of it.

Immediacy is full of contradictions, therefore in the same contradictory logics, there are the most logical solutions. In the Culture of Now are the best examples; a special immediacy, an ephemeral air that breathes absurdity and brings grace and stimulus. A fleeting spark that awakens and reactivates in us a unique naturalness. A curious and playful temperament, a sense of humor.

There is creativity in contradiction and a great potential for use is perceived. Every instance in our culture is a creative opportunity and the question arises as to how to use it. How then can we create from the usual contradictions?

To answer this question and better see the design scenario, we must explore the main issues. The turn of the century and the emergence of new technologies have increased the contradictions and new social or philosophical ideas bring us closer to their clarification.  

On the other hand, several artistic and cultural expressions have developed the theme of contradiction whose main theme is the absurd. One of these expressions is the Pataphysics and from which we will obtain the main creative axis of this project.

Pataphysics is an imaginary science that emerged in France at the beginning of the 20th century. It is basically a parody idea or a sort of reactionary pseudo-philosophy that does not deal with setting methods or rules, but with exceptions through imagination.

In addition to generating its own identity, it also left a great mark on the history of the artistic avant-garde. Various exponents from Alfred Jarry, Marcel Duchamps, Joan Miró, to the surrealist and Dadaist currents confirm this.

Patacreativity is the fusion between Pataphysics and Creativity. A creative philosophy idea to see in a different way and that looks for connections in the immediate paradoxes of life. An imaginary idea, like so many others of these contemporary times, which is proposed in this "Brief Project of Imaginary Solutions" as an answer to the creative concerns of these times.

Illogical and absurd in many cases, Patacreativity is something usual that has always been there. It is an immediate, direct creativity that stimulates spontaneous, random and nonsensical connection, and that awakens a daily grace that proves that in the most absurd imaginary, the most significant can be found.

To the creativity problems we face today, which revolve around the constant demand for production and the lack of meaning in a fast-moving digital culture that always demands new things, Patacreativity adapts to a culture of ephemeral ideas and offers a perpetual source of ideas and originality for all kinds of hectic rhythms.

The language of Patacreativity proposes to delight in contradictions through connections between everyday opposites. By means of a purely playful tone, it seeks the meeting of ideas through a random and unusual contrast, because in this union a motivating singularity and a unique sense of humor emerge. Thus, new meanings are born and new creativity emerges.

These games of nonsense and exercises lacking in logic constitute one of the main approaches of Patacreativity. Able to transfer us to other spheres absent of reality, it seeks to balance the worlds of rationality and imagination through creative games where reason ends up revealing itself from the irrationality of the world.

Patacreativity brings together the best of Pataphysics and creativity. A vision that focuses on the positive side of things through an optimistic absurdity and takes a distancing attitude towards the immediacy of life. A persistent search for a wisdom pursued with impossibilities, constantly looking for ways to stimulate grace given the scarce content of sympathy in everyday rhythms.

All these imaginaries, in the end, are exercises in creativity that provide solutions to problems through novelty and value. Their unique potential for creation lashes out at a reality through originality and ingenuity, which are none other than the best tools to overcome the challenges of immediacy and achieve better social and creative performance.

Patacreativity is nothing more than an invitation to explore and enjoy the most unknown and affable places in life. Digging into what is implicit in things, in a broad and divergent way to discover the funniest secrets of contradictions, means releasing blockages and prejudices to let oneself be carried away by creativity.

This infinite creativity guarantees us to generate new ways of seeing things through new possibilities and communicate directly with a particular essence in each one of us. A creative faculty that is within everyone's reach and that can be developed at any time and without limits of time or space. A patacreative paradise to be discovered.

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