One Republic Band Poster 
Performance at ADOBE Summit 2017 Las Vegas

One of two posters I worked on for the live performances at Adobe Summit 2017, in Las Vegas. It was a cool concept from the beginning and came together really fast. I could never have pulled it off without collaborating with Lidia Lukianova link on this one, who helped with layout, design and vector illustration work. 

I used Adobe Sketch to lay out concept and then Adobe Draw for most of the illustration. 

Alternate color option.
Early sketch done in Adobe Sketch on the iPad Pro. I loved the medusa concept. 
More finished sketch, all done with the pencil tool in Adobe Sketch. 
Beginning vector line work done in Adobe Draw over sketch. Lidia and I passed the file back and forth to get all the line work done faster. 
Close to finished vector line work in Adobe Draw. I actually loved the black and white coloring but new it would need to be more colorful in the end. 
These posters were printed offset full-bleed on a matte paper.