Death Cab For Cutie Band Poster 
For Performance at ADOBE Summit 2017 Las Vegas

One of two posters I worked on for the live performances at Adobe Summit 2017, in Las Vegas. Rad to work on a poster for a band I have known and liked for a long time. The cool mixture of vector illustration and more 3D looking type was all created in Adobe Draw and Illustrator and finalized in Illustrator, and I love the way the styles came together. It was conceived as being a bit of a nod to Kintsugi, the japanese art of repairing porcelain with gold. Much of the concept and execution was succesfull due to collaborating with Erica Larson link, without whose help I could not have pulled this off. 

I used Adobe Sketch to lay out concept and then Adobe Draw for most of the illustration. The type was designed by Erica and I added some of the more metallic effects with gradients. 
Alternate color option. Its always worth exploring and this one was definitely in the running right up till the end. 
Early sketch done in Adobe Sketch on the iPad Pro. Heavily used the ruler tool and perspective iso grid to get things to work, but wanted some more freeform back and forth dimensional effects as well. 
Closer to finished sketch, was able to use some previous sketches of flowers in the mix by bringing them into Adobe Sketch as an image, then merging them with sketch layers so I could erase and mold them to the design. 
Vector illustration done in Adobe Draw, was a little weird to leave big spaces knowing that it would all fit the more graphic type created in Illustrator in the end. 
Poster was offset printed and this image doesn't do it justice, very cool, nice print run on matte paper.