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PULSAR #5 // Editorial Illustration


PULSAR is a Ukrainian magazine of popular science and education, published by Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

The #5 features articles and materials from another two volunteer organisations:
INgenius — platform for developing medicine and science (Kyiv).
Harley Street — students' initiative from LNMU (Lviv).

Cover design, logo and illustration: Kostyuk Andrzej
Layout design: Olha Halytska

Thou the main idea goes through "technology & medicine" featuring red cross (typically resembles medicine) and Tetris (not so common symbol of technology), the inspiration came from way other bits of human culture.
Probably, the biggest "business card" ever known to man.
Summer school on physiology and cellular bioenergetics poster, provided by PULSAR for Ivan Franko National University of Lviv. 
Stop consuming images and start producing them.
— Terence McKenna.

In the end, the produced issue contains 80 pages of popular scientific content, gathered within Ukrainian scientific community and enriched with more than two dozens of my illustrations and pieces of graphic design.

Thank you for coming to see :)
PULSAR #5 // Editorial Illustration