This is a series of portraits, a study of the inner self I did over a fairly large time span.

When working with yourself as the model, you have the possibility to skip a few steps in the process of taking a picture and concentrate more on the message, on the meaning behind the image.

The challenge was to capture the inner chameleon that resides in all of us, and to bring out the things that make us human, unique.

Hoppipolla (2007)
Imagine (2007)
Light won't save us (2007)
Smile (2007)

 3rd place in the 'Portraits' section of the Digital Camera Photographer of the Year contest (2008).

Cats (2007)
Air (2007)
Coin Operated (2007)
Paleskin (2006)
The Ender (2007)
We are not ourselves (2008)
Something of an end (2009)