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Whitewall magazine covers (Creative Director)
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    Creative Direction and Art Direction for Whitewall magazine. A selection of my favorite covers.
Summer 2009

Daft Punk.

I imagined we could feature Daft Punk for our performance issue. Introducing them as performance artists, not just musicians. My idea was to have their costumes shot on a black background, as if they were beautiful jewels. 

The project worked out very nicely — Thomas Bangalter gave a very cool interview talking with Scott Indrisek, and Mitch Feinberg produced amazingly beautiful pictures — superb team effort.

Here is the strange part... before it happened, as I was waiting for an answer from Daft Punk, I randomly decided to drive to get a coffee at a Starbucks, 15 minutes from my home (in Los Angeles) — in a very boring strip mall. I can't explain why I decided to go there — it was a weird hunch.

I show up, order my coffee, turn around and who do I see? The Daft Punk! Both Thomas and Guy-Manuel sitting there!

Needless to say were all were VERY surprised! Kind of speechless actually — they were in Los Angeles just for a few days to work on "Tron Legacy." Thomas told me "It's funny because we just gave the OK for the Whitewall project yesterday!"

Well... it was meant to be.
Fall 2009

Here, I thought that Karl Lagerfeld being such an icon, it would be great to see him as an illustration.

I contacted Jean-Philippe Delhomme — my favorite illustrator in the whole world (a delight to work with — a true gentleman) and we went full force with the treatment.

The result? Karl Lagerfeld ended up loving it and promoted the issue by carrying it around backstage at his fashion show.
Winter 2010

On the cover, Dennis Hopper, portrait by Jesse Shadoan.

We featured Dennis Hopper — not for his acting — but for his superb body of work as a photographer. The interview was amazing. Unfortunately, he passed away soon after the issue was published. 
Spring 2010

Architect Peter Marino, portrait by Steve Benisty.

It's rare to see an architect with such a flair. I thought it would be great to go all in and treat this cover as if it was for a bondage magazine. This was also my first experimentation with a black cover.

I like the ambiguity here, "what kind of magazine could this be?" 
Spring 2010

Aranda/Lasch, photo Steve Benisty.

We sometimes do two covers for Whitewall. I discovered designer/artists duo Aranda/Lasch at Basel Miami and always wanted to feature them. I really like this cover.
Summer 2010

Cover artwork by Robert Longo.

I've been a fan of Longo's work for years. It was great to feature him — his work is really stunning.
Fall 2010

Cover photo by Hedi Slimane.

Some people can do it all. Hedi Slimane is a fashion genius and a great photographer.
Winter 2011

Marc Newson, portrait by Jesse Shadoan.

Spring 2011

Julian Schnabel, portrait by Jesse Shadoan.

Schnabel is a figure bigger than life. I love the threatening bear looming over. 
Summer 2011

Nike shoe, photographed by Mitch Feinberg.

When we interviewed Nike CEO Mark Parker, I thought we needed to make something special. Mitch Feinberg took beautiful pictures of Nike shoes.

Mark Parker and his collaborators were a real pleasure to work with. 
Fall 2011

Anish Kapor installation in Paris, photograph by Raphael Y. Herman. 
Winter 2012


I've collected artwork by KAWS in the past, so I was looking forward to work with him.

I asked him if he would redesign one of his work to bring a second layer of visual surprise. He accepted and created these arms — and we did two covers. 

KAWS is super talented — and a really, really nice guy.
Winter 2012

KAWS, second cover.
Spring 2012

Takashi Murakami, portrait by Steve Benisty.

Looking at Steve's portrait of Murakami, I felt we needed to go bold and try a print experiment. I created a background with 100% Magenta (and it made a few people nervous at the time). We sent the preview to Murakami, and he loved it.

I had never done this before, so I was very curious to see the result.

It turned out great. When it's printed, 100% Magenta captures the light in a very unique way. 
Summer 2012

Cai Guo-Qiang, portrait by Jesse Shadoan.

A special China issue, where I ended up doing layouts in Chinese.
Fall 2012

Lindsay Lohan by Richard Phillips (Richard Phillips, Lindsay V, 2012).

I really like the work of Richard Phillips. For this painting, we received the image just a few days after the work was completed. So it was an exclusive cover — which is nice.

Again — here I took some risk with the black cover and and the dark grey. Pre-press panicked, warning us it was way too dark. But as usual, everything looked great.

I feel you always need to push a little bit outside of your comfort zone. That's what design is all about.

Winter 2013

Gilbert & George photographed by Slava Mogutin.