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UX Case Study for Swapit App Startup Dialogs
UX Case Study for Swapit App Startup Dialog
When opening the Swapit App in Android and iOS, a floating dialog box that summarised welcoming message and major feature changes were shown. 

Initial userflow:
Startup Dialog > List Page containing nearby pre-loved or new items available for sale 
Old Swapit App Startup Dialogs
Through user feedback, startup dialog was found to be somewhat informative but annoying. The goal of notifying users of a new feature is not effective since nobody is interested in reading this block containing multiple information.

 Annoyed users = Unhappy users = Disengaged users

With the user feedback finding, a goal was set to notify users about a new feature in the app, improve user experience and increase user engagement when opening the app for the first time and onwards, more importantly: 

Unannoyed users = Happy users = Engaged users

Initial Requirements (to be included in a startup dialog):
- Create wireframe/mockup drafts
- One theme per startup dialog containing:
       Title, Image, Text, Action Button(s)
       Home Page > Welcome Page > What's New Page

Action Plan:
1. Use design thinking to increase user engagement through startup dialog 2.
3. Make userstories that will provide several solutions to notify and lead users to specific       page/feature of the app:
     a. Notify users about new features, by introducing 'Nearby Page' in the startup dialog
          i. Let users customize their nearby-item alerts before being presented seemingly                    random items on listing page
          ii. Lead users to an ongoing promotion/new feature in app
          iii. Lead users to use and share 'Swapit Referral' feature (cool feature that lets you 
               and your friend use Swapit Premium for a day, for FREE Read here)
Final mockups with margins
Choice C was chose to promote the app's newest feature. 

However, the idea was further explored by the team. Other conflicting ideas were considered such as when the app needs to show other dialog boxes for different purposes including:

- complete profile
- follow us at instagram
- follow us at facebook
- locked user notification

The team decided to queue up startup dialogs to show different kinds of startup dialog at different times.
These are some of the startup dialogs shown at different startup times:

Actual Startup Dialogs


For 'What's New', 80% of users click the call-for-action button 'LET'S Go" while the rest might have clicked back button. Also see Swapit's blog entry about the acceptance of startup dialogs here.
UX Case Study for Swapit App Startup Dialogs

UX Case Study for Swapit App Startup Dialogs

Case Study for Swapit App Startup Dialog