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    In the “Five Elements” of Chinese tradition, “soil” indicates the intimate connection between earth, human, life and nature. In the past, the cer… Read More
    In the “Five Elements” of Chinese tradition, “soil” indicates the intimate connection between earth, human, life and nature. In the past, the ceramic craftsmen integrate their understanding of time in the creation, while the designers and artist of ceramic nowadays blend the relevant history, geography and humanities of clay or sand into the creation concept. The unexpected changes of the forms of “soil” are driven by the collision of craft, technology and media. In modern times, the soil, the earth and the related explorations and experiments have become the objects of creative researches, and also been collected by museums. The multiformity of ceramic art is constantly being explored, and its value is moving towards a new level. Read Less
​​​​​​​No. 69  Earth · Human & Creative Thinking   |   土·人與創想

In the “Five Elements” of Chinese tradition, “soil” indicates the intimate connection between earth, human, life and nature. In the past, the ceramic craftsmen integrate their understanding of time in the creation, while the designers and artist of ceramic nowadays blend the relevant history, geography and humanities of clay or sand into the creation concept. The unexpected changes of the forms of “soil” are driven by the collision of craft, technology and media. In modern times, the soil, the earth and the related explorations and experiments have become the objects of creative researches, and also been collected by museums. The multiformity of ceramic art is constantly being explored, and its value is moving towards a new level.


book i  |  Lab  實驗場

book ii  |  Dialogue  對談

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book iii  | Alchemy of Ceramics 陶瓷競技

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book iii  | Earth Lab 土星實驗室

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180° Design  |  From Type Directors Club To Typographic Design in China 

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270° Exchange  |  Design Thinking of City— Shenzhen / Saint-Etienne / Milano 
                               城市设计之思——深圳 / 聖埃蒂安 / 米蘭

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