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    These photos were part of my bookpresentation "Unterwegs in Nicaragua - Im Schatten der Vulkane".It is a selection of photos portraing the nicara… Read More
    These photos were part of my bookpresentation "Unterwegs in Nicaragua - Im Schatten der Vulkane".It is a selection of photos portraing the nicaraguan people. Not only does it show the ethnical diversity but also the huge differences in social affiliation. Read Less
Pink dreams! Pink is the official colour of the ruling FSLN-party in Nicaragua. 
Old women in EL Viejo during a religious ceremony. She holds a calebasse (made from a Hicarotree), in her hands to collect the holy water.
Young boy with a Guegüense mask , used in a traditional theatre performance, declared as a cultural world heritage by the Unesco
Old Mayangna man living in Bosawas, huge rainforest area, which is endangered because of the cattle and wood industry.

Young girl from Corn Island, a caribean island close to the east coast of Nicaragua. She is the descendant from african slaves.
Ringing the bell on top of the cathedral in Leon
Rafting on river Uly in Bosawas, after the Amazonas Area the second biggest rainforest area in Latin America. The two men belong to the tribe of Mayangna people.

Beeing on the bright side or on the dark side of life: left MIss NIcaragua 2011 and at the side of this advertisment one of  the many people in the capital who earn their living by begging.

Que fascinante, la poesia - child watching the "carnaval de la poesia" during the Poesiefestival in Granada.
Selling water in the streets of Managua. The young girl does a typical movement with her left hand. It means: Do you want to drink?

Because of Don Alberto elephants can be found in Central America.
Design and marketing student in Managua
I invented the wheel! Little boy in Corn Island
A musical star in Managua
Wisdom of age. Old woman in Laguna de Perlas
Baseball - National Sport in Nicaragua and social event in Kukra Hill at  Laguna de Perlas
Big Mama is cooking at the lake side on open fire. Laguna de Perlas
Young boy from the Key Islands
Helping daddy or child labour? Managua, Nicaragua
Young  girl from the Mayangna tribe and her little sister in Sikilta, Bosawas
Mayangna boy rafting up the river Uly in Bosawas
One of the many Güiriseros in Bonanza in the Triangulo MInero, who are washing gold in a very primitive way.
Hope for the future: to become Miss Teen Nicaragua 2012
Preparing dinner. Girls in Bosawas
A doctor in alternative medicine, working in Managua, during a yoga session

Cleaning rice in Sikilta, a Mayangna village in Bosawas, north eastern part of Nicaragua
Handcraft: Making Momotombo chocolate.

Young boy in Muy Muy, Eastern Nicaragua

Sellling apples in front of the cathedral in Leon.
Life is not always happy, for nobody. Clown working in the harbour of Managua.
Fashionable umbrella: a banana leaf. Young man workking as tourist guide in Rio San Juan.
Selling all day long hot dog and chicken, but eating only once a day "Gallo pinto", traditional food made of  rice and beans.
Beauty of Laguna de perlas
Inside-outside. Granada.
Young boy from Laguna de Perlas at the caribean Coast of Nicaragua