Homage to a portuguese cultural magazine
magazine (Coimbra, 1927-40) was one of the most influential literary magazines from the 20th century in Portugal. This is the commemorative Package of the 80 years since the foundation of the magazine. Its editors were some of the most prominent and influential portuguese intelectual figures of the time.


In the picture, from left to right: 1. a letter to the reader, explaining the purpose the magazine had and this new 50 years later issue presents. 2. a cd with classic music from the period, by Fernando Lopes Graça. 3. a black stripe of cloth associated in portuguese culture with academic achievement (pointing the connection between the University of Coimbra and the founders of the magazine). 4. a book of tales written by one of the founding editors. 5. a theater ticket from a portuguese play, replica of the apearence of the era.
Details can be seen in the pictures below.