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    Cacti in a coffee mug illustration

The concept for this illustration is actually inspired from reality; I recently saw someone growing their cacti in large coffee mugs, instead of regular pots. I thought the idea was adorable and made a mental note to draw it. And here it is.
And then I made these cute cacti stickers to add to my illustration box - a monthly treat you can give yourself, if you subscribe here. You will receive surprise illustrated prints (framed pictures, greeting cards, postcards, stickers and more) every month, all created and shipped by me!

The before and after shot. The image on the left is the original scanned drawing, the one on the right is after I vectorized it and edited it in Illustrator.
I made a special edition of T-shirts with this design, which you can order here! https://www.facebook.com/pg/tshirtvan/shop/