is the first electric shooting brake ,
inspired to the city of San francisco , looks modern and fresh,
versatile to the hills of the town ,fastes and quick in the bay zone.
Inspired by the yacht design and the american car style!
This car have two fake exaust in the bottom ,this elements are
electric sockets for charge the battery in front!
The plastick grill need to contein the six batteries ,with this cap
you easy disassemby.
Requires no special holes for cooling the engine has a radiator.
Electric car do  not need fuel and emit no harmful substances.
The only flaws are the heating of electric vehicles
 (I put the same sockets on the hood and sides),
 disposal and replacement, as each battery is not eternal.
The opening of the trunk is simply a drawer,
 if you fold the rear seats you can get much space.    
There are carbon fiber aerodynamic components and
the removal of vehicles as in exotic.
All details have been studied in cas ready for production like :
light (all the trhee fuction),fog lights , wing mirror,
the system for opening doors ,pillars, tyre and wheels.
what we value most in this medium is the wide use of glass
 in the DLO.




Since the machine RALLY FIGHTER already being protipazione, this project started with a package inside well defined.
The characteristic features are: simple volumes, the use of materials that are very cheap but suitable for a vehicle used in the dirt, the chassis at sight for the protection of the entire body.
The instrumentation is very simple and functional.
Doors very long for access to rear seats resemble two wings, hence the name.