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    Selections out of my sketchbooks in no particular order with no particular importance.
A selection of illustrations and cartoons I've doodled in my sketch books over the last 20 years or so.  Vintage stuff from Rocketeer Fan Art to character studies for short films and some toy lines I've worked on.  The samples are in no particular order nor significance, other than I found time interesting for one reason or another.  Enjoy

-Anthony Shafer
A sketch and ultimate Sculpy figurine of the Fruit & Veggie Loaders- inspired at the time by my 3 yr old son.
Strange Creatures.
What would a sketchbook be without hands?

Goofy Heads V2

Animation study:  "Moments of a Two Legged Figure" by Preston Blair

iPhone Animation...

One of my first paid Tshirt Designs - Pacific Crew revolting..
Fetchadog website and banner add sketches.
Fetchadog.com rollover navigation animation storyboards (i.e. who doesn't love cute animated dogs?)
Character sketch for the unpublished TV pitch: "The Violet Vortex"
Early storyboards for the shortfilm "Crushed Ice" about an ice cube that falls in love and ultimately get's dumped and is, well, crushed...
An Inappropriate Valentine Card.
Paintings I'll someday paint...
One of many live model sketches in charcoal.  This is the only one I really liked, although a few others were not too bad.
My early 90's study on Grafitti Art
Proposed T-Shirt for my freshman dorm- which the fire alarm was pulled every friday.