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Alphabetic Zoo | from A-Z
28 Alphabetic Zoo

I have question for you! What if we have no words to talk with each other? You will tell me I'll draw, Exactly this is the right answer.
This question is why I did this project "Alphabetic Zoo" from A-Z in Arabic.
I always wanted to do something that I can see it in a two different ways. Transforming the Arabic language into a visual representation of their meaning, As an example the word( بط )means duck. Letter U drawn as stomach and letter K as foot of the duck.
It is like puzzle but if you look closer you will see. It depends on what your mind see first a word or a the a shape. 
Scroll down and tell me what you saw first and what the most one you like.

Enjoy :)                        ⁠⁠
Alphabetic Zoo | from A-Z
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