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Jacob Ristau: Logo Collection
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Cleftone: Identity Mark

This mark was developed for a great group of serious car-stereo enthusiasts.

Auckland School of Design: Identity Mark

The Auckland School of Design is a brilliant mixture of design disciplines. This mark combines the dimensional aspects of Industrial Design with the motion aspects of Transport Design, all presented in a distinctive Visual Communication Design. In other words, it's Integrated Design!
Overheaters Anonymous: Identity Mark

This mark began the moment my mother had her first true "hot flash." Ever since, she's been a founding member of this whimsical support group!
Axon - Calling All Cells: Identity Mark

A useful biological analogy is rendered for a musical ring-tone provider whose arrangements are more humane than most.
Oink - Full Bodied Pigments: Identity Mark

There was only one choice when it came to naming and branding this variety of silkscreen inks, undeniable heft with a light heart.

Lunchbot's Laboratory: Identity Mark

The byproduct of an overheard conversation, this name led to a unique restaurant identity: quick and accurately crafted culinary bites presented in futuristic to-go packaging!
America Recycles: Identity Mark

A simple play on a classic graphic brings socio-cultural awareness to the complex issues of recycling, waste and global economics.

Club Analog: Identity Mark
SkyWalker Travel: Identity Mark

Post September 11th, I tried to put some playfulness back into heavier-than-air travel.

aim: Identity Mark

This photo retouching and digital illustration company wanted a clean, simple and elegant mark, with a twist.
Page Turner Publishing: Identity Mark

A name under which to self-publish some research materials.

Called to Faith & Excellence - ACU Centennial Campaign: Identity Mark

While this mark didn't survive the client process, it remains one of my favorites due to the strength of conviction and aspiration that it represents for a Christian educational institution.

The Eggsplosive Diner: Identity Mark

This mark concept was for a breakfast restaurant with flamboyant tableside preparation. For the kid in each of us, it would have a playful yet visually chaotic atmosphere.
Jacob's Ladder: Identity Mark

For my personal effects... aside from the pun, it's a strong and visually playful mark, and it's punny to boot.
Filter Face: Identity Mark

An identity concept developed with concern for the air quality experienced daily by pedestrians in the downtowns of America's great cities.

Piece of Pisa Pizza: Identity Mark

This mark concept defines a distinctly American take on Italian culture, perhaps it leans too much on agile alliterative associations?

Curious Pictures: Identity Mark

Conceived of as a whimsical but introspective film production company.

Halo Orbital: Identity Mark

This technology software provider wanted something out of this world, yet not too far out.
Institute for Human Optimization: Identity Mark

For a group of doctors practicing holistic medicine, it seemed natural to accentuate the human relations aspect of their practice, departing from the typically cold and esoteric imagery of the competition.
Florida Department of Citrus: Identity Mark

While this mark wasn't selected as the official mark of FDC, it was designed with the crisp clarity needed for small-scale print reproduction, T.V. and billboards.
Chefs On Wheels: Identity Mark

This graphic was developed for a group of European chefs who arrive on site and cook in your own kitchen with your ingredients, recipes and cookware. The potential awkwardness of having a stranger in the house is minimized by adding a playful quality to the visual narrative.

William Tell Transcriptionists: Identity Mark

In developing the name and graphic identity for this transcription services company, it was paramount to communicate William Tell’s ability to present its clients’ with precision and clarity.
TriPisces: Identity Mark

Developed as a restaurant concept, this graphic evolved out of overlapping sketches from another project. It is an attempt to capture a distinctly ”old world” feel through detailing that suggests a sophisticated seafood eatery.
PARKING: Identity Mark

This concept for a parking garage company attempts to bring a little class back to the concrete jungle.

Jacob Ristau: Logo Collection

Jacob Ristau: Logo Collection

This is a collection of logos and identity marks created by Jacob Ristau.

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