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    Listen what mama say's! She knows how life goes.
YoMama is based on a familiar situation we all know.
In our childhood and teenagexears we all live under mums strict regime.
And who does not know thid - whether you pull away 50 feet or 500 miles to study, whether you are 20 or 35,
singel or just married boy or girl.

Mum calles you and asks: Do you eat healthy? Is Hilary cooking good for you? Do you guys have something else than beer in your fridge?

Yo Mama!

The clean and plain design of the fruits and cup appeals to a broad customer base. The stylized fruit icons are an eye-catcher among the white graphic overloaded cups in refrigerated counters.
The design is gender-specific neutral to reach a broad range of customers. To open the cup pull the graphic fruit icon on the extended flap.

Little claims on the cup side remembering you what mum told you - with love!