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    Opening Day Promotion
Ever since 1976 ALDI has positioned themselves as a leader in the international grocery retailing industry—rooted in the belief that people should be able to buy high quality products and groceries at the lowest price possible. Today more than 950 U.S. ALDI stores are located in 28 states primarily from Kansas to the East Coast serving more than 15 million customers each month. As ALDI expanded to the Orlando area, they were faced with the challenge that their brand was unfamiliar to the Hispanic community. The competition had been in the market for a while and had a strong market penetration with loyal customers.
ALDI already had an established reputation as low price grocery chain in other markets. However, ALDI needed to differentiate itself from its competitors and build a consumer brand within the Hispanic community of Orlando. With the grand opening of their new location in Poinciana, we had to create some brand awareness in the community. We collaborative worked with Aldi’s PR agency, making sure that the grand opening message was culturally relevant to the community and distinctive from what was offered by rival grocery chains. Our first initiative was to create a new slogan for the campaign that was entitled:  “Aldi, el valor de una Buena compra” (The value of a good shopping experience). We implemented this tagline in all the creative and collateral pieces we designed for the grand opening campaign. The media mix that followed had a strong presence in traditional media outlets such as: radio, print and outdoor. And to further enhance media coverage, we created press releases and utilized other various media networks.
The campaign we created was focused around the brand, their products and shopping experience. Our message reassurred the Latino community that Aldi had products and employees that reflected their heritage. By building and enhancing relationships with local Hispanic dignitaries, associations and community leaders we positioned the brand as a smart and friendly place to shop.
The advertising and PR efforts quickly raised media exposure in such networks as; Univision Orlando, El Sentinel Newspaper, and Rumba FM. We successfully raised brand awareness in the local Hispanic community. Over 2,000 people attended the grand opening event, which broke a market attendance record.
HEADLINE: "Now in Orlando. Grand Opening September 25th"