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    Sketchbot Transformed is my contribution to the NYC edition of PHONETICONTROL's Thought Processor custom paper show.
Sketchbot X Thought Processor
May 21st - June 21st, My Plastic Heart, NYC
Group Art Show and Exhibition of Colorways from PHONETICONTROL'S Thought Processor, a folded paper figure designed by Sjors Trimbach.
I was invited to participate in the show and presented with a blank template of the Thought Processor platform. Each artist was also asked to provide an accompanying piece of artwork along with their custom. I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to present a back story for my piece and created a digital triptych that shows the evolution from Sketchbot to Sketchbot "Transformed".
 The piece sold day of show, and I was commissioned to construct a modified second piece for a collector shortly thereafter.