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    Personal Identity for Dr. Iakovos Arapakis, MD, Phd, ENT Consultant.
Iakovos Arapakis, MD, PhD
Personal identity design
The client, a newly arrived surgeon in Thessaloniki (Greece), required a distinctive identity to match the memorable ORL Clinic we designed for him.

Our approach consisted in associating the client (an ENT consultant/surgeon) to his practice and clinic, in order to create a professional, strong first impression, crucial for any newcomer in a saturated market. The three elements (person, specialty and studio) are connected through the use of the sound wave form as an interwoven visual element, which in turn can be used separately without compromising its effectiveness. The wave form is used in whole or in parts so as to provide the necessary flexibility and avoid tiring repetitions throughout its applications. 

(photography by Giorgio Papadopoulos)
Detailed view of the "sound wave"
Typography and visual element
Stationary and prescription pad
Website design