When we heard the theme we were excited as the morning routine is something we have both worked on improving in our own lives and in turn have been able to help others to do the same. 
To start we sent out a survey which received a total of 160 responses from college students.
These three pie charts highlight the biggest problems we found. Those who stated they struggle to get up early also described a lack of preparedness and excitement towards the day ahead. We also noticed those who had no interest in getting up earlier felt that if they had no commitments such as a job or school work that there was no need. Yet the same people also said they felt they could be more productive. What if we can help these people feel prepared, excited, and committed to the day ahead? 
What if we can help these people feel prepared, excited, and committed to the day ahead? We found in our personal experiences and interactions, that a successful morning routine starts with the night before. 
Inspired by the solutions we have modified and applied to our own lives we came up with our app IDEAL. If you are like Paula and already have the app set up, you might start your morning like this...
(Background image by Leah Goren) 
As a new user, however, IDEAL will walk you through the process of creating your first morning and evening routine. The app offers suggestions to the user for tasks and affirmations with small playful notes as to why these might be good ideas.

As a team of two with one week to create we took on a challenge with this event. At the time we had little knowledge of the applications we had used to put together our final prototype for presentation. We had a great time participating in this event and are proud of our hard work. In the process, we learned a lot and felt inspired by the other participants.