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    An HTML email templating system designed and built for BMW & MINI Financial Services.
BMW & MINI Financial Services Email Templating System
BMW & MINI Financial Services has a wide range of email templates they use to communicate with customers. Some were rather dated, and others didn't line up with their branding guidelines. As the design and development lead on this project, I was responsible for creating a reusable templating system for both BMW FS and MINI FS that could be applied to all current and future emails.
After collecting, researching and organizing previous email templates, a set of modules were created to fit all different types of content within the emails. This modular system allows BMW FS to build emails with clean, tested blocks of content that can be plugged into an email and sent out with very little effort.
Modules and templates were developed using backward compatible techniques to allow even older versions of Microsoft Outlook to display them properly, and they were built responsively so that mobile devices were given an optimized version of the emails. Branding guidelines were used to create different versions for both the BMWi line and Motorrad, BMW's motorcycle division.
The same principles were applied to MINI Financial Services emails, featuring a very similar set of modules and some changes to line up with MINI's current branding guidelines.
On the technical side, HTML emails were built using a customized Gulp workflow using the Handlebars templating system and Sass for the CSS. This sped up the development process of individual emails, allowing us to build a new BMW or MINI FS email in hours instead of days.