Matte Painting - The Night Rider
The Night Rider - Final Art
The Night Rider - Work in Progress
The Night Rider - Basic Sketch
The Night Riders - Original Shot
This was and fast excersice to create a scene to made used on Movies and Video Games. i wanna create a nocturnal scene in a futuristic world, i love drive in the night it´s so quiet. I make the basic sketch very fast, i imaginated all the scene and haved very present the idea on my head.
Create the final art was very easy, i think that all the proces with the search images references, edit and test for the ambiance take 2 hours, logically this is not a Final Art with the Quality or size for be used in a Movie or Video game i think that this is like a Concept Art more thant Matte Painting. The art can be funcionally in a Movie or video game with  NTSC DV size (720 x 480 px) because the original art have 1920 x 1080 px.

This are the original names from the files used on this exercise, i dont know who are the owners for each image but all the rights about the single images are from  their respective owners, Just the Concept, Basic Idea and  final Art its my.

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- first_quarter_moon_11_4_11_by_xdx-d4fde27.jpg
- landscape-1.jpg
- night-sky-hd-wallpaper-2.jpg
- night-sky-stars.jpeg