Dreaming in Technicolor

I was kindly invited to be part of the Fresh Off The Float project by Palm Ave Float Club, they barter trade floatation for art. In fact, I have been curious of floatation. It is an enclosed tub of water filled with Epsom salt and you float in it. Find out more here.

The float brought me to different places.
First, I was attending a water ritual in India. All of a sudden, like a spoilt television, my visions flickered before my second vision came. I was in Spain, listening to a man strumming his guitar and singing in a captivating language I couldn’t fathom. It soon switched again to a noisy but lively place, and all I could hear was “Come by! Come by!”
I decided to illustrate my first experience as I remember it vividly. Although my eyes were shut tight, I was in a hidden and ancient step well. Some ladies were chanting in an unknown language and splashing me with dew from the fresh leaves.