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Create A Warm Inviting Home
When you usually think of a warm and inviting space, you probably think of fireplaces and warm blankets, but did you know you can create that same feeling visually? By using different design elements, you can achieve the cozy feeling you are after but without the heat.Creating a warm, inviting home is easier than you may think. Using these easy design tips will help you achieve the warm and inviting space you desire.
Decorate with warm colors
You can use several warm colors or just one or two to create the desired effect. Choose reds, oranges, yellows or browns. Avoid cool colors like blues, greens, and purples, except for just a splash to add some contrast. Look for warm colors that may already be in your home that you like. Expand on them by adding more colors to compliment them. To instantly warm up your home, you can paint an accent wall in your living room, bedroom and dining room.
Create a Faux Brick Wall
Add visual interest and warmth with a faux brick wall. You can paint the wall using a stencil. There are many how-to videos available online that can show you exactly what to do. If that sounds too intimidating, you can buy faux brick panels. They come in large sheets that are easy to install. The panels can be found at most local hardware stores and they can be painted any color you like. Another way to add a faux brick wall to your home is to use wallpaper. It comes in many colors and there are a lot of different styles to choose from. The wallpaper can be hung using a temporary wallpaper paste which is great for renters. Brick veneer is an another option. It comes as thin brick-like pieces and is applied like tile.
Add Living Plants
Living plants will add a nice warm touch to your home. They help clean and freshen the air and provide more visual interest. If you have a bright and sunny room, Dracaena, Dieffenbachia, and English or Pothos Ivy will do well. For darker rooms, a Rubber Tree, ZZ Plant(Zamisculas Zamiifolia), Kenita Palm or Chinese Evergreen will do well. All require little water.

Select Cozy Furnishings
Have Sufficient Lighting
Good lighting is very important. It not only sets the mood but also has a greater purpose. The kitchen needs to have bright overhead lighting. The living room needs good overhead lighting as well as a floor stand or table top lighting. The dining room should have good overhead lighting that is not too dim or too bright. The dining room table should be the focal point. Lighting in the bedroom should be warm, soft, and not directly aimed at the bed. Bathrooms should have bright overhead and side lights.
Be Creative

These tips are simply guidelines to help you get started. Be creative. Repurpose things in interesting ways. Incorporate some of your favorite things. Make your home a reflection of you. It can be the best way to make it warm and inviting.