How to Cite and Hyperlink Every Fact Stated in Story
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   How to Cite and Hyperlink Every Fact Stated In Your Story To a Credible Source.
      Professional content marketers are very frank in what they do. They aren’t afraid to share content, ideas, links, and data. Sometimes people might be too lazy to come up with their own content or assignment writings( and they try to take content and try to regard it as their own. This makes most marketers a little protective of their stuff.
     But, it is important to be open about where you get your facts. Include citations and hyperlinks to your sources. This makes it easier for the reader to find out more about what they are looking for.
So, how do you cite sources and include hyperlinks in your content? Here are some few steps.

Step 1
Suppose you want to quote another blogger in your post.
Don’t copy their words and adopt them as your own. Remember they put in a lot of time to come up with the content. You can say something like, Jackson (the author) has got a lot of appraising for his quote and his company is mentioned in a hyperlink text to his website. He has also included a link to his Twitter handle which is a good gesture. Apart from mentioning the person’s name, you can include an inbound link from the page you got your quote.
Keep in mind that every company has different content usage guidelines that dictate how to use their content. So, do a quick check to see the guidelines you should adhere to.

Step 2
What if you have data that you’d like to cite in your post, for instance, statistical data? What do you do?
Statistical data gives credit to the publishing company, but if you use it, you will receive a link back to the site. But the link should not be linked directly to their homepage. Include the link in your post and point it to the actual page on which that statistical data exists. This will help the reader know more about the research.

Step 3
If you find an article, quote, or data point through another website, it’s good to state that in your post. For instance, if you are writing a news story and come across a certain story via another website, it nice to give them credit that they’re the ones who published the story first. Also, if it contains a quote from an industry influencer, acknowledge them as the one who broke the story originally.

Of course, there are some marketers who wouldn’t want their content shared by others even if you give them full credit, links, and everything. Some will tell you to take it down or even send a lawyer. But, if you have to include a citation or hyperlink, these steps will help you out.