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What to Do In Case Of a Dental Emergency
There can be accidents and mishaps that would inflict serious injuries to a person. Among those injuries, the ones that affect dental health may be placed in the priority-one category. The reason is that the dental health is more about functionality than aesthetics. So, when you lose a tooth or get a crown broken, you will need to contact your dentist prior to doing anything else.

One thing worth mentioning here is that you should pick a dentist who you will be able to access during as well beyond the working hours. With that said, I am going to mention a few dental emergency cases along with a bit of detail regarding what to do during those situations.
What to do in case a tooth is lost
Right after losing the tooth, there are some instances in which the tooth can be saved in a specific time. However, it needs to be discussed with the dentist right after you lose the tooth.

As a general suggestion, find the tooth and take it to the doctor within an hour of losing it. First, find the tooth and pick it up by its crown. Rinse it gently but avoid scrubbing. There are the tissues inside broken tooth that you do not want to lose if you want it back into its place. The dentists would be able to help you only when they are able to reconnect the tissues. The best practice is to put that tooth in the milk.
What to do when crown is broken?
Although, dentists try to save the tooth when the crown breaks, the restoration doesn’t end up being successful most of the times. But, it is always advised that patients shouldn’t try the re-attachment or filling of the broken crown.

Remember, the filling the crown using homemade substances or re-attaching the tooth are not the simple procedures anyone can perform. Only the qualified dentists are the persons who can fully restore the functionality and aesthetics of the mouth.
It is worth mentioning here that the chances of re-attachment of tooth or crown are usually very meek given the immediate exposure of tooth in the hostile environment before it finally reaches the dentist’s office. By that time, the dentist may declare it impossible to integrate the tooth or crown back into its place. However, you don’t need to worry much about it because there are some ideal alternates available that can restore the functionality of your mouth. For instance, you can ask the dentist to install a dental implant. This treatment may be a little expensive but you are definitely going to get things back to normalcy or even better than that.