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Contextual Research - Biohacking
In a 10 week journey, discover Savannah's local culture of biohacking through contextual research tools and methods with a 7 people interdisciplinary team of designers. Understand the culture’s wants, needs, and goals from within the context of their day-to-day lives.

Biohacking is the exploration and pursuit of deeper knowledge and control over your own biology, internally and externally with the desire to improve one's self within their environment.

Project Management, Research, Information Design 

Shared the process and results of the research at a final showcase,"Track & Hack Experience".
Research Plan
1) Data collection 

Offering Activity Culture map
Stakeholders map
Cultural Probe Results "What do you do to improve your health?"
2) Affinitization
It is a process to create likeness in the data, converting key findings into insights. It works as a bridge to analysis. It has four phases differenced by the color of the post-it.

Yellow: Each key findings from secondary research and primary research.
Blue: Each collect a coherent set of notes that represent a theme or a direction. These need to
be written in the voice of the user.
Pink: These labels collect the blue labels and place them under one common theme. Also in first person as the voice of the user.

Green: These are the highest level of the affinity process summarizes the pink labels underneath. These green labels may or may not be written in the voice of the first person and usually denote a bigger piece of the user story.
Areas of opportunities:
Access to resources where you can directly manipulate your health. Accessible and effortless ways to improve. Attempts to make academia more appealing practical/accessible. Cognitive enhancing tools. Collaborative innovative spaces. Communities to inform/gather people around biohacking. Controlled micro dosing. Desire to track/alter biology. DIY based on something already established. DIY home grown. DNA manipulation. Fast fake food. Information and updates through collaboration. Introducing users to biohacking with games/newsletter websites. Local community partnerships. Motivation. Nutrition analyzing kits. Possible future services. Preventive tech (wearables and implants). Self-control and making better decisions. Sleep cycle interruption affecting metabolism and productivity. Spiritual guidance or integral well-being. Understanding and control over cognitive behavior
Concept Sorting
Concept Evaluation
Morphological Synthesis
Solution Evaluation
Final deliverables:
a) Biohacking definition b) Findings from primary research surveys (yellows) c) Insights from research (pink) d) Finger Foods product as final solution e) Timeline with the highlights from biohacking's history f) Confessional booth of unhealthy habits
Process Book: The Local Culture of Biohacking
Contextual Research - Biohacking

Contextual Research - Biohacking

We took a 10 week journey to discover Savannah's local culture of biohacking through contextual research while applying tools and methods from th Read More