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CNN Love in Conflict
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Over the past year, CNN has collected letters written between loved ones who have been in the path of past and present hostilities. Love in conflict is a series of visual essays about this love letters.Ours tells the story of Nahla and Aqeel. 

The piece was commissioned by the CNN team and directed by Romain Loubersanes. 
The design and illustrations were made by Sebastian Curi and the animation was in charge of Romain Loubersanes. 

We hope this movie help to spread their story and bring reflection on the issue.
You can see the rest of the letters here.


Executive producers: Olivia Bolton, Vivek Kemp
Creative Director: Jon Reyes
Associate Creative Director:  Ignacio Osorio
Producers: Jessica King, Ed Kiernan, Paul Hancocks, Mohammed Tawfeeq, Arwa Damon, Stephanie Busari

Direction: Romain Loubersanes
Storyboard: Sebastian Curi, Romain Loubersanes
Design: Sebastian Curi
Animation: Romain Loubersanes

Music and Sound design: Curtis Brown

Branding and Development: Ignacio Osorio, Sarah-Grace Mankarious, Cyrus Lo

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CNN Love in Conflict
Sebastian Curi's profileRomain Loubersanes's profile
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