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    Brilliant colors reveal themselves in the world’s first totally clear lipstick case. Product design for Japan’s makeup master, Shu Uemura.
Shu Uemura   Worldwide, 2006

Shu Uemura

Product Design

Product design for Japan’s makeup master, Shu Uemura.

Tsao & McKown presented four concepts for lipstick covers to the Shu Uemura creative team. Each was meant to explore and reinterpret what a lipstick cover could be, beyond the constraints of typical appearance and formal function.

Bubbles: Formed in cast glass or acrylic with bubbles captured in it. Allows for transparency and the use of a smooth dynamic material with texture, shape and light.

Crystals: Rendered in a textured skin of embedded crystals, evoking a very distinctive materiality that lends itself to the sensation of touch while drawing attention to its sparkling composition.

Rubberized Fiber: Combines grip with soft translucency, allowing the lipstick to be seen through a web of threads. Allows for randomized compositions and multiple options for being rendered in color.

Organic Metal: Cast in polished metal, rendered with the ergonomic and aesthetic attributes of an organic form contoured for gripping, opening, twisting.
Organic Metal
Rubberized Fiber