Since longtime ago i want to do a science fiction piece like this, and honestly, forsure, it wouldn't be the last one. Notonly the fact of creating it but also the possibility of creating your ownworld provided me a lot of fun. I agree that the essential idea of this pieceis similar with a lot of sci-fi pieces done before, nothing new.

I used thispiece for improving my knowledge in how to do a piece that contains depth,perspective, volume and coherence in space, four aspects in where I’m a bitweak. I have a long way to go to get all needed skills to compose the perfect art work, if this exists.

Meanwhile iwill explain you a bit about this artwork; Lonely tells the story about aforgotten astronaut on a supposed unexplored world. His crew let him therebecause they had a problem with the spaceship. The filters that extract the CO2and recycle them into oxygen have broken down so that there is only enoughoxygen for three crew members in the deposits instead of four. Bad play. Theywill get what they deserve. Don’t be afraid for our forgotten astronaut, he isa special force soldier and have better survival skills than Bear Grills.
I hope youenjoy as much as I do.