H.G.Wells' three novels—Packaging and Cover Design
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    BOOK SERIES H.G.WELLS—Packaging and cover design for 3 novels
These three social novels by H.G.Wells talk about social order, personal liberty, modern slavery, moral relativism and relations between sexes. My challenge was to create a hardback cover design that works as a set and establish the books as timeless fiction. Cover image illustrates a character and the subject of each book and bonds the series together. Visualized part of a locomotive wheel portraits either class struggles as broken circle (Kipps), center
of relationships as coupling rod (Love and Mr.Lewisham) or modern slavery as spokes
(The History of Mr. Polly). Purpose of the book jacket is to hide damaged parts of the cover to communication controversial aesthetic and raise questions about hidden and revealed stories. Fashion of lapels, fabrics and patterns give us sense of occasion and introduce identity of Edwardian gentleman. Spoiled book covers reflect social critisism on subject, like changing values in society (Kipps), low versus high morality (Love and Mr.Lewisham) and diversity of meaning (The History of Mr. Polly).