Entry for the Clash of Clans competition held by Design by Humans and Supercell. The moment I saw this competition I knew I wanted to be part of it. Rich vivid colors and a multitude of characters with personality. First I thought of creating a combination of different characters. Then I thought of drawing barbarian, then barbarian king and archer queen before settling with Archer Queen as the best one. Designing t-shirts is not easy and even more challenging is to design one with a restricted color palette. I was able to use only 10 colors and while some might think that there is plenty of colors to use, it is not so, if you have a slightly different vision in your head. When I finally got the idea from my head to the canvas it all clicked together. I am happy with the end result and do hope to succeed in the competition. It was educating to create this design and I learned a lot in the process. Playing with the colors was once again pleasure and a pain. Always interesting to try different color schemes but the pain comes from choosing the best one.
Between the clashes and battles there is a moment of tranquility. Moment where you can recall the past and moment where you gaze upon to the future. Clans clashes but the lives are not lost forever only for a moment. Cherish the present and let the worlds colors fill your soul.

My version of Archer Queen.
Color chart
A mock-up of the design on a t-shirt. ​​​​​​​