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Why your Teeth Might Be Hurting
You might have experienced tooth pain, and you might honestly wonder why you’re feeling this type of pain. There might not even be a reason that you know for sure why, and that’s why it’s important to know what causes them. You can talk to your dentist in Santa Clarita in order to find out for yourself what the cause of this might be, but here are a few reasons why your teeth might be hurting.

Now for starters, it’s important to note that our teeth tend to be sensitive. If you’ve whitened your teeth, chances are it’s increased the sensitivity between the teeth, and there might be pain there. However, the difference between some sensitivity and actual pain is that the sensitivity tends to go away after the temperatures are taken away, or when the whitening is over. Now, if you feel tooth pain after drinking something, it might be something else that causes the pain.
Typically, there are six reasons why you might have tooth pain. That could be decay, and abscessed tooth, a fracture in a tooth, a filling that’s damaged, you grind your teeth, or gums that are infected.

Now, you might wonder if you have tooth pain or just sensitivity. Well, there are a few determining factors. The first, is that the pain that you have is throbbing and constant, and in certain areas, you might feel like there is pain when you apply pressure there. There might be swelling around there too. You might also notice a headache or a fever as well. Finally, you might have a bad taste in your mouth, typically from a tooth that is infected or damaged.

Now, you can eliminate the tooth pain in the simplest way by visiting your dentist in Santa Clarita. This is the quickest way to get relief for this. Typically, if you actually get a dental exam, they’ll take x-rays to tell you the cause of it. Now treatment for this is dependent upon what is actually causing the pain.
For example, if you have a cavity that’s causing this, you’ll either get the cavity filled or the tooth extracted. If you have an infection in the nerve of a tooth, you might need to get a root canal. If you have a damaged filling, gums that are infected, or you grind your teeth, you’ll be able to have more options that you can get from your doctor in order to tell you of the best treatments that you can get. You might get antibiotics, a mouthpiece to help with grinding, or the filling might be repaired as per what the cause might be in this. Simply put, you need to go see your dentist in order to determine what exactly is going on. it might take a bit, and it might not be fun, but is that tooth pain really worth waiting on? probably not.

If you have tooth pain, and you can’t get in right away, there are a few things that you should stay away from since it’ll worsen your symptoms. You should get rid of the sugary foods that you have, since this will promote bacteria growth, and that could end up being the reason for tooth pain. Don’t have hot or cold drinks because this will just stimulate it. Hard and crunchy foods might make the fractures worse, or actually hurt the mouth and make the pain more apparent. Finally, don’t have sticky foods. These will remain on teeth, and they’re a pain in the butt to clean off.
Now, if you have tooth pain, you should see your dentist right away. Even if it’s only for a moment and then it goes away, you should get this looked into. You could save yourself a lot of money by taking care of this dental problem now before it gets worse. After all, it is your mouth, and making sure that you do this right away will inevitably avoid a larger problem in the future. Do it, and you’ll be able to save your oral health, make it much easier for you to deal with this, and in general have a better life.