Golden State Warriors Game Day
Golden State Warriors Echo’s leverages fluid choreography and cinematic framing, highlighted by the team built on cohesion and unity. Moments of stillness feature individual players who blossom into explosively dramatic compositions of literal player echoes. Punctuated throughout are heroic moments of intensity that portray the team as a collection of frozen, singular moments forged together to reveal an unstoppable force. In other words, one warrior becomes an army and that army becomes the Warriors.

Because this project was shot on media day, we had :09 minutes to shoot each athlete. Due to these time constraints, we devised points, roughly resembling a pyramid, which we laid out on the green screen floor. When each player arrived at our station, we gave them specific actions to execute as they shifted from one point to the next. Within our :09 minute time frame we were able to run them through roughly 16 unique actions. In post we stacked the plates on top of each other, spawning a blossom of players that swells up and outward from the center of frame.